REF Hair Products - The Swedish Brand I Can't Get Enough Of

REF of Sweden - The Future of Hair Care.

Who is | What is | How is Sweden?

For start we can thank Sweden for ABBA and Spotify. If that isn't enough they brought some new styles and design to our lives via IKEA and H&M.  It stands to reason I was excited to try REF Hair Care Products, something sure to be special.

The highlights for a quick read:

The quick conclusion is, it's one of the best (if not the best) professional hair product lines I've ever used in my 17 years of being a hair extension stylist (and I’ve tried a lot).  

REF has improved the quality of all of my clients hair, and it has extended the lifetime of their extensions by months. It's rare to find a product like this that is suitable for all types of hair while providing something for everyone. My Female and Male clients alike love this, it smells amazing, feels amazing and ultimately repairs hair and scalp.   

You could leave now and get yourself some REF, or keep reading to learn a little more about Sweden you may not have known, some of which I didn’t know before diving deeper into the origins of REF of Sweden and their sustainability.

A quick history of Sweden and their Sustainability journey.

Sweden is 35 times smaller than the USA, but hits milestones in sustainability our country can only dream of. Sweden epitomizes how consumerism is being managed in a sustainable way.  They passed the first ever environmental protection act back in 1967 and have been top ten of the globally respected Environmental Performance Index produced by Columbia and Yale universities with exceptionally clean air and clean water.  Sweden is so set on change to benefit the environment, even consumerism is managed. They are working towards mandates that ensure sustainable practices from manufacturing, to consumer behavior to recycling. We, the consumer are users rather than owners and thus an important chain-link in the circular economy now part of the national government initiatives.    

At Misca Hair we are very proud to carry this special product, welcome all enquiries to discuss your hair care needs and allow one of our experienced stylists to help you find the perfect products for your hair type. Please get in touch with us today for a consult over the phone or in person. 

Please check back each week for an in-depth review of each product and my honest feedback on how each performs on me and my client's hair. 

To great hair!

Chelsea Rylander

Owner & Creator Misca Salon & Extension Shop. 



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