MISCA Match - The Ultimate Hair Color Matching App

Introducing MISCA Match

MISCA Match is the app you need to take your hair color matching game to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned stylist or a newbie in the industry, MISCA Match can help you create stunning hair color formulas with ease.

The app is designed to help you accurately match the color of hair extensions to your client's natural hair color. With MISCA Match, you can:

  • Scan your client's hair color and compare it to a database of over 10,000 hair colors
  • Create a custom formula to match your client's hair color or the color of the hair extensions
  • Determine the underlying pigments of your client's hair to create a base color for coloring
  • Save and organize your color formulas for future reference

How MISCA Match Can Help Your Salon or Styling Business

If you're running a salon or a styling business, MISCA Match can help you improve your services and attract more clients. Here are just a few ways MISCA Match can benefit your business:

  • Accurately match the hair color of your client's extensions to their natural hair color, providing a seamless and natural-looking result
  • Create custom hair color formulas that are unique to your salon or business, setting yourself apart from the competition
  • Train new stylists quickly and efficiently, by using MISCA Match to teach them about hair color matching and underlying pigments
  • Increase client satisfaction by delivering consistent and precise hair color results, every time

How to Get MISCA Match

MISCA Match is available for free on the App Store. Download it today and start revolutionizing the way you color hair!

Download MISCA Match

MISCA Hair Extensions - The Perfect Match for Your Hair Color Formula

As a professional stylist

Wholesale Misca Hair Extensions

If you're a professional stylist, you can purchase Misca Hair Extensions at wholesale rates. Contact Chelsea at Misca Hair & Salon Shop at chelsea@miscahair.com or +1 (714) 707-6019 to learn more.

Our wholesale program is designed to help stylists offer the highest quality hair extensions to their clients, while also boosting their profits. Whether you're an established salon or just starting out, we're committed to helping you succeed.

Our Ukrainian hair wefts are also perfect for colorists who want to create customized hair colors for their clients. With our high-quality hair, you can achieve any shade and tone you desire.

MISCA Match App - For Sale

At Misca Hair, we understand that color matching can be a challenge. That's why we created the Misca Match app, available for download on the App Store.

Contact us to learn more about acquiring the app and start offering your clients unmatched color matching and hair color formulation services today!

Download MISCA Match now and contact us for more information on the sale process!

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