Top Hair Care Trends of 2022/23: The Styles You Need to Try & the Products to Achieve Them

Hey there, Chelsea Rylander here! As a blonde, hair extension-wearing salon owner in sunny SoCal, I'm all about keeping up with the latest hair trends and helping you achieve your dream look. Today, we're diving into the top 10 hair and hair care trends of 2022/23. I'll also be sharing my favorite products that will help you rock these styles with confidence. So, let's get started!

  1. Butterfly Haircut (12,432% increase in search volume)

The Butterfly haircut is taking the world by storm with its modern, whimsical layers. To maintain this style and keep your locks looking fabulous, try using the Oness Shampoo and Oness Conditioner for smooth, healthy hair.

  1. Octopus Haircut (6,104% increase in search volume)

This edgy, tentacle-like style is perfect for those looking to make a statement. To keep your Octopus haircut in place, apply Innersense's I Create Volume for long-lasting hold and texture.

  1. Jellyfish Haircut (1,185% increase in search volume)

The Jellyfish haircut combines soft waves with face-framing layers for an ethereal look. Enhance your natural texture and maintain your style with Eleven Australia's Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

  1. Spiky Bun (257% increase in search volume)

This modern twist on the classic bun adds a fun, edgy element to your updo. To achieve the perfect Spiky Bun, use Innersense's Serenity Smoothing Cream for a sleek finish and easy styling.

  1. Wolf Cut (135% increase in search volume)

The Wolf Cut is a bold blend of a shaggy mullet and a layered bob. Keep your Wolf Cut looking fierce with REF Illuminate Color Shampoo and Conditioner to enhance your color and add shine.

  1. Twist Knot Bun (89% increase in search volume)

This elegant, twisted updo is perfect for any occasion. Create a flawless Twist Knot Bun using [Innersense's Sweet Spirit ( for added moisture and manageability. This lightweight formula will help you create a smooth, polished look without weighing your hair down.

  1. Scalp Serum (47% increase in search volume)

Healthy hair starts at the roots, and scalp serums have become a popular hair care trend. Nourish your scalp and promote hair growth with Oness Hair Serum. This potent serum is perfect for all hair types and will leave your scalp feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  1. Frame Haircut (24% increase in search volume)

The Frame haircut is all about soft, face-framing layers that accentuate your features. Maintain the perfect shape and enhance your style with REF Intense Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, which will provide intense moisture and shine.

  1. Loop Braids (19% increase in search volume)

Loop braids are a creative way to elevate your braided hairstyles. To keep your braids looking fresh and healthy, use Innersense's Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner for added hydration and smoothness. This lightweight formula will help detangle and nourish your hair without weighing it down.

  1. Barbie Hair (3% increase in search volume)

Channel your inner doll with this sleek, straight style that has a touch of retro glamour. Achieve the perfect Barbie Hair with Eleven Australia's Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, which will help to control frizz and keep your locks looking smooth and shiny.

Now that you're up-to-date on the latest hair and hair care trends, it's time to try these fabulous styles for yourself. Whether you're going for an edgy Octopus haircut or a sophisticated Twist Knot Bun, these products will help you achieve the perfect look. Don't forget to share your hair transformations with me, and remember – I'm here to serve every hair style! Happy styling!

With love, 💖


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