Hair Care! for Hand-tied Hair extensions

Hand-tied Hair extension care 🍯


Similar to being very good and gentle to your own hair!

It’s recommended to shampoo and condition as often as you normally do, always using an oil or leave in after (hair extensions are not connected to your root and don’t get natural oils like your hair does so they naturally get dry) *12 benefits leave-in is our fave 


-sulfate and paraben free shampoo 

-wet brush to detangle

-round brush only when 90 percent dry (to avoid pulling) 

-avoid chemicals 

-swimming in salt water ok (chlorine bad) rinse immediately after 

-braid at night (keep cuticle from rubbing on pillows)

-silk pillow case is a bonus 

-retighten every 5-8 weeks. (6 typically recommended) 

-!! DO NOT: use any products (sunscreens) with Avobenzone and Octocrylene. These chemicals will turn your color hot pink/orange and we cannot fix it. 

-NO olaplex products on extensions 

-keep heat med/low when styling to avoid damaging the cuticle



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